About Us

Real data in real-time means real efficiency and reliability.

As Security Integrators, we felt the pain of manually determining the source of problems on networks full of devices without the benefit of detailed, reliable data needed to make a confident diagnosis in minimal time.

Vunetrix was born to fill an urgent need for immediate, unobstructed visibility into what was happening with our customers’ networks in order to provide timely, effective solutions. Vunetrix is a highly scalable turnkey network monitoring solution that offers the flexibility, transparency and simplicity to maintain the long-term health of any size network.

More than just an excellent monitoring software solution, Vunetrix is also a white glove service provider that will install the software, set up the sensors and take the pain out of monitoring your network health.

Vunetrix is a necessity for networks that run IP-based video management systems such as Genetec, Milestone, Exacq and other resources that require abundant bandwidth across numerous devices.

What about ROI?

The cost of Vunetrix is recouped in mere minutes of prevented downtime and troubleshooting. It can spare you the cost of mobilizing your security integrator to investigate the problem and, most importantly, let you avoid the “root cause blame game” with indisputable data in your hands. Factor in the long-term cost-savings possible through strategic hardware planning and resource allocation, and Vunetrix may just be the smartest IT investment you’ll make.

By providing comprehensive real-time information that takes the guesswork out of network performance and enables cost-effective resource planning, Vunetrix lets you see real performance in your network.